Anderson and Company's polymer additives are used in the medical industry





We supply polymer additives to the following industries:

Medical - for syringes, IV tubes, IV bags

Construction - for PVC windows, vinyl siding,pipe, wire & cable, wallcoverings




Our Products

Anderson and Company is a manufacturers' representative firm based in Akron, Ohio. We supply and service markets globally with a reputation for technical excellence and first class customer service.  Call us to discuss your needs and we'll put our experience to work for you!

Anderson and Company specializes in bringing high quality sustainable solutions to our customers in at times highly regulated markets through:

bulletHeat Stabilizers
bulletHigh Performance Lubricant Packages
bulletParaffin Lubricants
bulletOxidized Polyethylene Wax
bulletChemical Foaming Agents
bulletEngineered Resins

bulletAcrylic Impact Modifiers
bulletAcrylic Process Aids
bulletChlorinated Polyethylene
bulletCitrate Plasticizers
bulletFlame Retardants
bulletSmoke Suppressants
bulletResin Modifiers
bulletAnti-Static Agents