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Materials Supplied: 
bulletHeat Stabilizers
bulletHigh Performance
Lubricant Packages
bulletParaffin Lubricants
bulletOxidized Polyethylene
bulletChemical Foaming AgentsbulletEngineered Resins
bulletAcrylic Impact Modifiers
bulletAcrylic Process Aids
bulletChlorinated Polyethylene bulletCitrate Plasticizers
bulletFlame Retardants
bulletSmoke Suppressants
bulletResin Modifiers
bulletAnti-Static Agents


We supply polymer additives to the following industries:

Medical - for syringes, IV tubes, IV bags

Construction - for PVC windows, vinyl siding,pipe, wire & cable, wallcoverings





Anderson and Company is a manufacturers' representative firm based in Akron,
Ohio. We have been selling polymer additives to the plastic and rubber industries since 1952. Our team of technical sales and customer service representatives are ready to help meet your needs with proven products and innovative solutions.

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In the News

    • D.J. Semichem introduces Unicell MS and HMS series of expandable polymeric beads. The MS products are microsphere physical foaming agents ranging in particle size from 10 to 80 microns.  The HMS products are hollow spherical beads used primarily as light weight filler.

    • Akcros Chemicals introduces new line of Calcium/Zinc stabilizers for flexible vinyl applications.  The Akcrostab CAZ-2020 series of products are high performance liquid systems providing excellent static, dynamic, and light stability in a wide range of formulations.  These liquid metal-soap based products provide thermal performance previously unavailable in non-barium containing products.  They are also free of Bisphenol A and metallic stearates.

    • Biocides
      Akcros has been a market leader in the supply of Biocides to the Polymer industries for over 20 years and has been working to ensure that its products have a sustainable future under the BPD and BPR.

    • Akcros has achieved further progress in attaining registrations for its products in the highly regulated biocides markets. It can now confirm that all the actions needed to register the DCOIT and OIT-based products under the Intercide trade name are complete on a global basis, including the Canadian market - meeting all requirements for regional (EPA/BPR) and national legislations. Additionally, it is in the process of extending some of these registrations to cover new inert carriers for the US and Canadian markets.

    • Introducing Phthalate-Free plasticizers from Jungbunzlauer.  The Citrofol line of products are citric acid esters used in flexible PVC applications, especially those requiring FDA or medical approval.  These products function similarly to traditional phthalate containing plasticizers. 

    • Polymer Additives Group (PAG) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Flame Retardants and Smoke Suppressants.  PAG offers an extensive line of traditional flame retardants as well as cutting edge technologies such as low cost Ammonium Octamolybdate (AOM) replacements; Charmax FS-10, Charmax FS BZMA and Charmax FS ZST.  PAG provides effective solutions and expert technical service to meet the industry’s evolving regulatory and performance demands.




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